Using a tablet as an extra screen with touch/pen features

I can finally use my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 as an extra screen with insane pen sensitivity! This is something I was looking to do back when I bought the tablet – but back then this wasn’t really an option – not even if you mess around in “deep settings” and download some questionable editing files. Just a simple app (you’ll also need to install the driver of the app into the computer you intend to use for it, too).

If you have an old tablet lying around and could use an extra (touch) screen on your PC or laptop, you can try this app:

You connect your tablet to your PC over a USB cable and there you have it! There’s also a wireless situation possible, but I imagine the lag would be unacceptable for drawing – although it would be nice to use the computer over a distance, operating with the tablet, instead… Might try it out later – just don’t really want to switch from cable internet to wireless (just seems more reliable, safe).

The app costs, but that ~10eur seems worth it to me, as I can upgrade something that I hardly used into an effective “budget wacom” – a graphics screen with an insanely precise pen and a sharp picture!

It does work over Krita (need to have Windows Ink enabled over the settings) – so, this will make tweaking the Stable Diffusion generations even more fun!

And here’s another Stable Diffusion-assisted cute lady for a good measure:






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