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Recommended reading for 2023

Please, DO read the whole series. By now I have read the series 2.5 times. It is a lot of material to go through, but it is so refreshing!

You’ll be surprised how much in your life is and has been tied to “risk”. Therefore, understanding “risk” will help you make better decisions in your life – you will learn to use mental tools to secure a better future. And you will come to understand your mistakes made in the past better than you did until then – Nassim (although I would never dare to address him like that in person (I would bow my head and limit my words to “thank you” – his masterpiece of a book series is sage stuff.

What is anti-fragile? It’s your BONES! It made me see how I’ve not been such a dumb and terrible person all this while, stumbling around in life like some clueless idiot. 

And it’s a good philosophy, too. This book has everything – and it doesn’t get even a little bit magical in the bad sense. It’s so down to Earth. And the planet deserves to have more people who understand the message of this philosophy – and find their way to a creed – an unspoken pact among humanity – we really DO have only this one planet.

Spin offs

I do hope that the “localism” movement that the book only too slightly refers to, takes off. A kind of a retvrn thing – but also a synthesis of something old, ageless – but hand-in-hand with the good, useful bits of technology that we have. 

What has made this book even better for me was the fact that the author is quite active on Twitter, he’s quite approachable if you don’t annoy him with stupid questions too much! He has fashioned himself an information-processing superhero – he loves to bust statistical bullshittery.

He with a few friends started a course now many years ago, which has had the effect of a large distinct social circle on Twitter – people who have attended RWRI, are fans of the books, or know Nassim through other means – he has been to quite some interesting places in his life, I guess – but I must say, the people I have met in that circle – WOW, people. 

Wanting – Luke Burgis

Mimesis is the gravity of society and culture. Like RISK – something that pervades as much in our lives should be beneficial to understand. Why do we want what we want? Our idols and our rivals. This book also directed me to read Rene Girard – the one Luke learned it all from.

The implications of these societal inclinations are quite something – this book and the concept of mimesis brought a sort of clarity to the mind. And of course, as with all the books that I enjoy – confirmed my suspicions.

Learn how to write a novel

I’d also like to offer a special nod t two brilliant ladies who taught through their courses and writings how to write a novel:

Jessica Brody with her adaption of the “save the cat” structure.

Lisa Cron with “wired for story” course and book.

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